KPAP-Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance.

KPAP – Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project


Tanzania Travel & Safari Company has been working together with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project for a number of years now. Our combined goal is to improve the working conditions of Kilimanjaro’s porters based on fair and better treatment for crew on the mountain.

KPAP is a part of the International Mountain Explorer’s Connection which also works in a similar way in other parts of the world in particular Nepal.

HOW DOES TT&S C work in the program?
To ensure an  improved  better  working conditions of porters  Africa Travel Company  does this by abiding to KPAP’s operating  guidelines and also provide openly the  links to their information so that our overseas and local agents  or independent  tourist , can learn more about the working  conditions of porters on Kilimanjaro mountain.

Tanzania travel & Safari Company   also provides training to our crew both on safari and mountain operations. these courses include   wilderness First Aid, Community Based First Aid courses, we these courses using  world qualified  wilderness instructors , as English is the working language, we also  teach English course for all our  porters and  guides to ensure a  quality communication  with our clients. This is done after every end of the season and during ‘low’ seasons.

What do we provide for our mountain crew?

  • Fair wages as agreed by the labor laws of Tanzania.
  • Free transportation to and from the mountain.
  • Free medical services in case of sickness or injury while on duty.
  • Three meals per day while on the mountain.
  • Fair distribution of tips received from clients after every operation. We have the best modal which has been recommended by KPAP.
  • Enough Tents for each crew. NOT crowded in the tent. Our crew don’t use clients mess tent.
  • All our crew tents have proper ground sheet.
  • Carrying a fair agreed weight not more than 20 kg while on duty.
  • Once a crew is contracted he receives full payment as per contract not otherwise.
  • Ensure our crews are well dressed before going on any climb. We educate them how best to use their money and being responsible on their duties. We support first those who show willingness to spend part of their money to buy climbing gears.
  • For every kit donated by clients is distributed fairly and priority is given first to the needy ones.

The International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote responsible and sustainable connections between travelers and the people of developing mountain regions of the world. Through IMEC’s local projects in Moshi, Tanzania and Kathmandu, travelers gain a greater understanding of labor issues surrounding the tourism industry.

In order to feed themselves and their families, porters take on the job of carrying heavy loads to high elevations on Kilimanjaro and in the Himalayas. Some of the problems porters face are:
* Underpayment by most companies
* Not receiving the full amount of tip intended for them
* Inadequate clothing and gear
* Being forced to carry excess weight
* Insufficient food provision
* Poor sleeping facilities

Such treatment leaves porters open to illness and neglect on the mountain. Because porters have no job security, they have little room for complaint.

IMEC’s Porter Assistance Project seeks to improve the working conditions of trekking porters by:
* Providing individual porters and climbing companies with warm, high quality clothing free of charge.
* Offering English language, First Aid, HIV/AIDS Awareness, and Money Management classes in order to motivate and empower porters.
* Educating the tourist population about acceptable standards of porter treatment.

IMEC created the Partnership for Responsible Travel Program to recognize those tour operators committed to promoting proper porter treatment and cultural and environmental sensitivity among their clients. The local projects in Tanzania and Nepal monitor company performance to ensure that Partners abide by IMEC’s Guidelines for Proper Porter Treatment. IMEC is the only not-for-profit organization with an office in Kilimanjaro that works specifically to improve porter conditions.

IMEC depends on grants, donations, and memberships to fund our local projects. By becoming a member with IMEC you will directly help fund the Porter Clothing Lending Program, Classes for porters, and Outreach which increases the public’s awareness regarding choosing a conscientious company.
Tanzania Travel Company is dedicated to ensure all negative history for porters  are speedily turned into  positive stories .Please join us and become a part of effecting change for the porters by DONATING NOW to this worthy cause. Your membership fees and donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.

“Development & tourism in partnership”
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