Tanzania is the land of superb natural wonders include landscapes and wildlife. One of the treasures that are unique in the world is its people. Tanzania’s people among the most welcoming, friendly and approachable people on earth, with a range of cultures ready to be shared with visitors.

From the Wameru and the Wachaga  of the slopes  of Kilimanjaro, and Meru Mountains to the   world famous Maasai,  a cultural excursion or a longer  stay among local people is  one of the  most rewarding  experiences of any holiday in Tanzania.

Cultural tourism programs are beneficial to everyone, tourist get a unique, unforgettable experience, the locals generate income and improve their standard of living and both parties gain valuable understanding of another culture which will last long after the visitors to have returned home. Most cultural tourism programs are located near main tourist attractions, making cultural experiences addition to a safari easy to plan.

At Tanzania Travel & Safari Company pan and organize some of the popular best known cultural tourism programs which includes:

  • Lake Eyasi
  • Maasai land
  • Usambara
  • Meru
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Southern Pare Mountains.
  • Ilkidin’ga.
  • Ngi’resi