Bagamoyo Town

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Bagamoyo Town


Visiting Bagamoyo
Bagamoyo is a town in Tanzania. The most recent history has it as a terminal point on the coast for Arab trading caravans. It was also used as a holding point for slaves brought from the interior and awaiting transportation to Zanzibar. During German colonial times, it was the economic and administrative capital of German East Africa.

Since the capital was moved to Dar Es Salaam, Bagomoyo has been in decline. Architecture of European origin is slowly falling down, but still beautiful to see. The Arabic influence on local architecture is also significant.

There is a lot of poverty and unemployment in Bagamoyo, so be aware from muggings and robberies. Don’t leave your resthouse or hotel alone at night and don’t walk on the beach at night. There are also a lot of scams, keep your eyes open. Unfortunately, as of February 2008, robbery at daytime in the harbor area doesn’t seem to be too exceptional either. Be very aware of people monitoring you while standing somewhere or sitting in a restaurant.

Don’t expect any help of the police, they don’t care about you and even discourage you from opening a case. However, if you loudly scream for help, locals will quickly gather and help you. The Swahili word for thief is “mwizi”, shouting it will get you a lot of attention, but might get the thief into serious trouble, since self-justice is widely spread in Tanzania.

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